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Air Training Corps

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Instruction in aviation related subjects is an important but enjoyable part of the ATC. As you progress through the classifications, or stages of training, you will receive a higher level of responsibility and will have more options within the organization. Every cadet has a classification, making it separate from rank.

Junior Cadet

When you first join the ATC, you will be a Junior Cadet. This period usually lasts for around 6 weeks as you attend an induction course in the ATC and drill, once passed you are given your uniform.

Second Class Cadet

You will be enrolled, taking your oath and receiving your logbook.

First Class Cadet

In order to become a first Class cadet you must first complete the training program for this classification.

The syllabus includes:

The ATC, The RAF, The Rifle, Communications, Initial Expedition Training, Airmanship, Map Reading & History of Flight

In addition to this you will also have to pass a basic drill test.

The badge depicts a four pointed star, as a first class cadet you will now be eligible to go to UK camp, flying, gliding, shooting and sports.

Leading Cadet

The syllabus includes:

Learning Basic Navigation, Principles of Flight & Advanced Airmanship. After passing these three
subjects you become a Leading Cadet.

The badge depicts a propeller, as a leading cadet you will now be eligible to attend overseas camps.

Senior Cadet

There are 12 subjects to choose from, of which only 3 will be studied. They include how a jet engine works, the theory of rocket power, how planes and navigators navigate using the full range of instruments a plane offers, the principles of Radar and Radio, the use of Air Power and the construction of planes. Once you have completed the 3 subjects, you will become a Senior Air Cadet

The badge depicts a propeller over a four pointed star.


null  Master Cadet

 The syllabus includes three of the twelve subjects not studied at Senior level:

 On successful completion of the 3 subjects you become a Master Cadet.

 Instructor Cadet

After undertaking a Cadet Method of Instruction course you must present successfully plan and present a lesson whilst being assessed by your wing staff officer, who is assessing your ability to teach classes, passing on your knowledge to the younger cadets.

Once you have completed your training and passed the tests, you will be awarded your Staff cadet training certificate and lanyard, which is worn over your left shoulder on your uniform.