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Air Training Corps

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Data Protection Act

Use of photographs and personal details for ATC publicity purposes
Any member of the Corps (cadet, uniformed staff, civilian staff, civilian committee members) attending an ATC event or squadron is advised that photographs may be taken for use by the Corps, at any level, for publicity purposes. Such photographs may appear in local or national media, Corps publications and/or the Squadron, Wing and Corps websites. Persons appearing in such photographs may be named and attributed to a Squadron or the Wing. No other personal details will be divulged without prior permission.

The context of the photograph, including the naming of personnel may be explained in accompanying text.

Any person objecting to being photographed or having the photographs published or being named in a text version of the event is to make that objection known to the event organiser at the time of the event and confirm it, in writing, to 1404 (Chatham) Squadron.

1404 (Chatham) Squadron will assume freedom to publish photographs and text in the absence of an objection. Organisers of events are to communicate any objections received to 1404 (Chatham) Squadron as a matter of urgency following any event. Such communications are to include the name of the objector and contact details.

1404 (Chatham) Squadron will maintain a file of objections received.

Note from Webmaster.

Any of the reports and photographs published in this site may be information provided by others. The responsibility of ensuring that all photographs and reports conform to the above policy rests with the person making the submission.

The webmaster may edit or decline to publish submissions which are believed to be in contravention of this policy.